38° Cycle - II year

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bertoli Andrea Bongini Daniele Conte

Gabriele Bertoli

Multi-risk analysis of the WEFE Nexus for the development of successful Green Communities, valuing Ecosystem Services
Supervisor: Enrica Caporali, Unifi

Andrea Bongini

From BIM to DT. Data integration in life cycle information management of existing assets

Supervisors: Carlo Biagini and Pietro Capone, Unifi


Daniele Conte 

Urban logistics: new ways to deliver goods in urban areas. UDCs, cross-docking, and platooning

Supervisors: Alessandro Farina and Marino Lupi, Unipi




Marta Di Bianca Tommaso Giordano

Alessandro Conti


Marta Di Bianca

Recovery of carbon and raw materials from sewage sludge through integrated thermo-chemical processes
Supervisors: Riccardo Gori Unifi and Geert Haarlemmer, Université Grenoble Alpes

Tommaso Giordano

Exposure and vulnerability to heatwaves and air pollution: assessments in urban environments
Supervisors: Fabio Castelli and Beniamino Gioli (CNR-IBE)








Nicolo Guiducci

Nicolò Guiducci

Mechanical modeling and optimization of ultra-lightweight structures

Supervisors: Roberto Paroni and Roberto Alessi, Unipi


Mohammed Mainul Hossain



Ayalew Shura Kasa

Criteria and Methodologies for sustainable management of river sediment
Supervisors: Luca Solari and Simona Francalanci, Unifi, Jochen Abrele, TUB



sartirano Shanko


Farshad Rahmani Karkevandi


Daniele Sartirano

Wastewater Based Epidemiology - Leveraging wastewater to mitigate the biases of the traditional data sources
Supervisor: Claudio Lubello, UniFi

Alemayehu Shanko

Hydraulic and Hydrologic Risks in Urban Area: Urban and Metropolitan Settlements and Communities Resilience to Risks
Supervisor: Fabio Castelli, UniFi
Chenxi Wang





Chenxi Wang

Advanced Traffic Analysis and Conflicts Control at Grade-Separated Intersections on Highway

Supervisors: Massimo Losa Unipi and Thierry SERRE, Université Gustave Eiffel)



Incoming PhD Student from Izmir Institute of Technology (Turkey)

Nisa Bahadıroğlu

On the XXXVIII cycle there were 3 calls.


- The regular call
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- the PNRR Call ex D.M. 351/2022 and D.M. 352/2022
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- the Call for application scholarship NextGenerationEU - NATIONAL RECOVERY AND RESILIENCE PLAN (NRRP)

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Rectoral Decree (pdf in Italian)
Annex 1 - Call for applications (pdf)
Annex 2 -  Scholarships fact sheets (pdf)
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