30° Cycle - Graduated in 2018

Name Joint Supervision
TUTOR Thesis
Annis Antonio DICEA/BS Fabio Castelli  
Bellandi Giacomo DICEA/GHENT Gori Riccardo N2O emissions and aeration efficiency in wastewater treatment: improved monitoring, mechanistic modelling and data mining
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Buffi Giulia UNIPG/BS Manciola Piergiorgio

Assessment of seismic behaviour of large concrete dams by means of geomatic techniques and finite element modeling
(link to the thesis on FLORE)

Ciabatta Luca UNIPG/VIENNA Tamagnini Claudio Evaluation of satellite rainfall estimates for hydrologic and geo-hydrologic hazards prediction
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Dominici Franco UNIPG/
Torre Luigi Study and characterization of thermo-mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced and nano-structured composites based on engineering and high performance polymeric matrices for high temperature applications
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Ierimonti Laura UNIPG/BS Materazzi Life-cycle cost-based design of wind excited tall buildings
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Monchetti Silvia DICEA/BS Bartoli/ On the role of uncertainties in the seismic risk assessment of historic masonry towers
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Mussini Nicola UNIPI/AACHEN Salvatore Walter A multilevel decision-making approach for the resilience assessment of industrial plants in seismic prone areas
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Nardi Laura UNIPG/BS Belardi Paolo  
Pacetti Tommaso DICEA/BS Caporali Enrica Investigating water-land-ecosystems nexus for watershed integrated management
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Piscitelli Lorenzo Ruggero DICEA/BS Ranocchiai Giovanna Serviceability and post-failure behaviour of laminated glass structural elements
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Ramaccini Giovanna UNIPG/BS Belardi Paolo Perugia in particular. The architectural survey of simple elements in the historic city
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Spennati Francesco DICEA/
Munz Giulio Use of fungi and bacteria for the removal of recalcitrant compounds from tannery wastewater
(link to the thesis on FLORE)
Taglialegne Luca UNIPI/BS Bennati Stefano  
Venturi Sara UNIPG/BS Manciola Piergiorgio  


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