Complementary skills

soft skills


The University of Florence realized, after a year of experimentation, a training of Complementary Skills dedicated to the Doctoral Students in order to answer to the increasing request, in the field of scientific research and on a highly specialized job market, of technical and relational skills (teaching, linguistics, statistics, IT, legislation, etc.). From the XXXIV cycle, students must acquire at least 6 ECTS (or 36 hours total over the three-year period) for participating to these courses.

The offer is varied and articulated: individual modules and cycles of lessons. There are English language courses and courses on scientific communication in the main exchange languages ​​(French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English).

The choice on the activities can be adapted for any students’ specific formation. 


The candidates can choose also among the activities offered by the University of Florence or by the University of Pisa.






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