37° Cycle - III year

On XXXVII Cycle there were two calls: the regular call by Unifi and an additional PON call with scholarships on "Green" and "Innovation" topics.


PhD Students enrolled with the regular call

Lorenzo Brocchini Simone Celati Federica Del Carlo

Lorenzo Brocchini

Expected impacts of ITS and automated vehicle technology on safety and capacity of roundabout corridors
Supervisor: Massimo Losa and Antonio Pratelli, Unipi -  Didier Josselin, Avignon Université

Simone Celati

A methodology for the real time reliability and residual life evaluation for Prestressed Concrete existing bridges with post-tensioned tendons subjected to corrosion phenomena
Supervisor: Walter Salvatore, Agnese Natali, Unipi - Sebastian Thons, Lund University

Federica Del Carlo

A multi risk – spatial oriented approach for analysis of historical religious buildings
Supervisor: Silvia Caprili, Unipi, and Marco Uzielli, Unifi - Pere Roca Fabregat, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Marco De Simone Stefano Dugheri Jerome El Jeitany

Marco De Simone

Water-age accounting, fully distributed watershed modeling relaxing the full-mixing hypothesis: synthetic experiments of isotopic data assimilation
Supervisor: Fabio Castelli, Unifi - Félix Francés García, Universitat Politècnica de València

Stefano Dugheri

A sensing network for high spatio-temporal resolution monitoring of fugitive emissions
from wastewater treatment plants
Supervisor: Riccardo Gori, Unifi - Mieczyslaw Sajewicz, University of Silesia in Katowice

Jerome El Jeitany

WEFE nexus methodologies and applications
Supervisor: Enrica Caporali, Unifi - Boris Schröder-Esselbach, Technical University Braunschweig

Serena Falcioni Diego Ignesti Mirco Mancini

Serena Falcioni

Selection and enrichment of PHA-accumulating microbial communities under saline and hypersaline conditions
Supervisor: Giulio Munz, Unifi -  Maria Eugenia Suárez Ojeda  and David Gabriel Buguña Ojeda, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Diego Ignesti

IGA-based computational methods for the analysis of complex structural systems, with application to coronary stents Supervisor: Enzo Marino
External supervisors: (University of Pavia): Ferdinando Auricchio, Alessandro Reali

Mirco Mancini

A Microplastic Budget Methodology to model plastic pathways, degradation and storage in rivers, coastal areas and open seas
Supervisors: Luca Solari and Riccardo Gori

Francesca Marafini Mohammadreza Mohaseb Karimlou Giorgia Notari

Francesca Marafini

Machine Learning Methods for Damage Identification in Historic Structures through Vibration-Based SHM
Supervisors: Michele Betti and Gianni Bartoli

Mohammadreza Mohaseb Karimlou

Mechanics of smart composite structures
Supervisor: Paolo Sebastiano Valvo

Giorgia Notari

Organic waste recycling  and food packaging composting: the influence of bioplastics
Supervisor: Claudio Lubello and Michele Pognani (Novamont S.p.A.)


PhD students enrolled with the PON Call

Riccardo Angelini Jan Pietro Czellnik Stefano Fiaschi

Riccardo Angelini

Coastal environment monitoring through satellite, terrestrial and airborne remote sensing
Supervisor: Francesco Mugnai, Andrea Masiero riccarco.angelini(at) 

Jan Pietro Czellnik

Transition to biorefineries of municipal wastewater treatment plants fed with Aerobic Granular Sludges
Supervisor: Tommaso Lotti

Stefano Fiaschi

Application of the Life Cycle Assessment methodology for optimizing municipal solid waste recovery chains
Supervisor: Claudio Lubello
Hamid Kazemi Moghadam Daniele Martuscelli Alex Ricoveri

Hamid Kazemi Moghadam

Advanced Computational Models for the Simulation of Large Floating Wind Turbines for the Mediterranean Sea
Supervisor: Enzo Marino

Daniele Martuscelli

Influence of CSOs on spatio-temporal distribution of plastic in Arno river
Supervisor: Luca Solari

Alex Ricoveri

Biological processes for treatment and resource recovery from wastewater
Supervisor: Giulio Munz
Mahtab Shiravi Francesca Tuci Melissa Fabiola Yozy Kepdip

Mahtab Shiravi

Multi-risk analysis for natural hazards and climate change in urban environments
Supervisor: Gianni Bartoli

Francesca Tuci

Identification and development of strategies to increase the environmental sustainability of the Prato textile district
Supervisor: Riccardo Gori

Melissa Fabiola Yozy Kepdib

Use of low enthalpy geothermal energy through the installation of micropiles
Supervisor: Johann Facciorusso, Claudia Madiai

Mathias Hehle

As a visiting student from TU Braunschweig – Germany

Mathias Helhe
Supervisor: Vincenzo Di Naso, Andrea Rocchetti

As a visiting student from Tongji University for a.y. 2021/22

Fengying Wu

Supervisor: Claudio Borri,
Yaojun Ge - Tongji University


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