Courses and credit recognition - from XXXVIII Cycle

The University of Florence, for the release of the Diploma Supplement, has imposed an harmonization of the course offer. So the all the PhD students should collect at the end of the parcourse of 3 years at least 24 credits in training courses and 6 credits in soft and complementary skills.


table credit recognition


In general:

- Training plan approved before and after by the supervisor, final approval by the Didactic Commission

- Registration of participation in advance

- Doctorate students should attend the lessons in person. When hindered by some reason from attending in person, doctorate students could make use of the web streaming of the lessons, in all the cases in which this will be provided

- Verification of learning (positive judgement otherwise no recognition)

- No recognition of courses of master degree programs

- Mandatory presentation of detailed certificate of attendance for external courses

- All courses organized from Engineering Doctoral programs of Unifi or Unipi will be considered “internal”


If your study plan follows the table, you can ask for the credits recognition at the end of all courses.

If your study plan needs to be different for research motivations, write an email with your tutor to the President of the Education Committee, prof. Riccardo Barsotti (riccardo.barsotti(at) to get the approval.


For the Complementary skills please visit the dedicatd page

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