Training courses 2022

16 February 2022

Keep yourself updated on line with the list of the active courses

Training courses 2022

We are publishing online the programs of the courses at the page:

Training Courses | Courses | International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering | UniFI


We are still working on the calendar, as soon as we will get the schedule from the professors we will publish more online, so keep youself updated!

Write to dott-dicea(at) to book your participation and Margherita Mellini will forward the list of participants to each professor, who will send directly the link to the course.
With such a system the professor has in advance the list of participants, so be carefull to register yourself on time.

Please check the list of the courses with your tutor and make a plan of the course you want to attend.

If your study plan follow the table here:

Courses abroad and credits recognition | Courses | International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering | UniFI

You can ask for the credits recognition at the end of all courses.

If your study plan needs to be different for reaseach motivations, write an email with your tutor to the President of the Education Committee, prof. Riccardo Barsotti (riccardo.barsotti(at)


Soft skills are organized directly by UniFi and UniPi, please visit the dedicated page:



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