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International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Courses abroad and credits recognition



If a student attend a course or a seminar abroad and want to ask for a credit recognition of this training period should present to the Secretariat the certification that should be approved by his/her supervisor and the Didactic Commission.

Since XXXV Cycle the credits recognition system has changed, please check this scheme:




MIN 30 cfu (MAX A 45 cfu)

MAX 15 cfu

6 cfu (Mandatory since  XXXIV Cycle)

Min 20 cfu in basic courses and the rest in specialistic courses




- Seminars – from 2 h to 4 h, from 0,5 to 1 cfu, 1 cfu/4 h

- Short Courses – from 4 h to 8 h, from 1 to 2 cfu, 1 cfu/4 h

- Long Courses – from 8 h to 20 h, from 2 to 5 cfu, 1 cfu/2 h


- External Seminars – from 2 h to 4 h, from 0,5 to 1 cfu, 1 cfu/4 h – max 3 cfu

- External Courses – 1 cfu/4 h

- Curses of Master degree programs – max 8 cfu – same cfu of the original courses


  • Training plan approved before and after by the supervisor, final approval of the Didactic Commission.
  • Registration of participation in advance.
  • Verification of learning (positive judgement otherwise no recognition).


We recall that the Board of Teachers has established that the students should collect at the end of the percourse of 3 years at least 45 credits in training courses and, since the XXXIV cycle, 6 credits (36 h) in soft and complementary skills with the courses offered by the University of Florence.

ultimo aggiornamento: 13-Mag-2020
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