Refunds policy for examination committee members

The University of Florence provides the reimbursement of the travel expenses to the committee members who will participate in presence to the doctoral final exams (where Unifi is the home Institution in the cotutelle agreement).

Here the link to the official regulation by Unifi in Italian:


For the refund, please fill the dedicated form and follow these tips:

  • Authorization - it would be useful to attach to the request for reimbursement the request for mission authorization presented at your home institution.
  • Eligible expenses - The daily ceiling for meals is 85 euros, for the overnight stay 175 euros. It is possible, instead of the hotel, to rent an apartment or an accommodation through Airbnb. The costs of the minibar or the cleaning costs are not allowed, the agency costs are admittable up to 30 euros.
  • Vehicles - The use of private vehicles is not refundable unless authorized by the home institutionThere isn’t a kilometric refund, you can submit documented expenses by receipts for petrol and highway tolls, declaring the km travelled. In this case, also the reimbursement of parking can be accepted (maximum daily € 15.49 in Italy and € 25.82 abroad).
  • Public transportation - Any use of public transportation (bus, metro, train) is admittable presenting the original ticket validated or a copy of the electronic ticket.
  • Airplane - For the reimbursement of the airplane, in addition to the detailed invoice of the payment (with information about the travel), the boarding pass - paper or electronic - is required.
  • Taxi - Maximum expenses refundable: 25 euros for the urban journey and 90 euros for the extra-urban.
  • Detailed receipts - Receipts must always be detailed: it must be clear what they refer to, if not a supplementary declaration with information must be attached.
  • Extraordinary expenses - Extraordinary expenses necessary such as visas, vaccinations, covid tests, health assistance and baggage insurance and equipment are allowed.
  • Italian Tax code – To have the refund you need an Italian Tax Code (any public institution cannot otherwise make the payment). If you already got it please write it in the form. If you do not have it, please fill the form (Mod_AA4_8) for the request and we’ll make the application for you in advance.


Here the suggestions to fill the form for the Italian Tax Code:-
In section I please tick "Direct Application for yourself" and include as applicant type code "04";
- In Section II please tick the option "Allocation of a tax code";
- Include your personal details in Part B;
- Include your residence in Part D;
- In section "Documents enclosed" just mark: "passport" or "identity card";
- In section "signatures" include the date and your signature;
- In section "Delegate" please include your surname and name as Signee, date and sign the form. By doing so, you will authorize our staff to submit your request to the competent local authorities and to get your fiscal code number. We will add the other details of the delegate who will take care of this process.


For any exigency or doubt, please contact Margherita Mellini (dott-dicea(at)

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