39th Plenary Meeting - Spring Session - 29 March 2021



09:15 Examination Jacopo Dari
XXXIII Cycle – Co-tutelle with Ramon Llull Univ. Barcelona
“Towards a better understanding of the Anthropogenic Impact on the Hydrological Cycle: Detecting and Estimating Irrigation through Remote Sensing Soil Moisture”

Live streaming on YouTube:


10:45 Examination Federica Ruggero
XXXIII Cycle – Co-tutelle with Université de Mons
Bioplastics in the organic fraction of MSW: influence of composting process conditions on biotic and abiotic degradation and fate of residues”

Live streaming on YouTube:


12:00 The examination boards will meet in two dedicated rooms for the assessment and award of the overall score.

12:30 Proclamation Jacopo Dari and Federica Ruggero

Live streaming on YouTube:


12:45-14:00 Break


14:00 Presentations by students with TU Braunschweig XXXV Cycle
(10 min plus 5 min for questions each)
Chair: Klaus Thiele
- Giada Artini Co-tutelle with TU Braunschweig - Germany
- Alessandro Mei
Co-tutelle with TU Braunschweig - Germany
- Carlo Vienni
Co-tutelle with TU Braunschweig - Germany


15:00 Presentations by students with other partners XXXV Cycle
(10 min plus 5 min for questions each)
Chair: Luca Solari

- Antonella Cosentino – Co-tutelle with Gent University - Belgium
- Gonzalo De Léon – Co-tutelle with Université de Nantes – France
- Andrea Geppetti – Co-tutelle with RUHR-Universität Bochum – Germany
- Eugenio Pellis – Co-tutelle with Université de Strasbourg – France


16:00 Presentations by students XXXVI Cycle (5 min each)
Chair: Luca Solari

- Neri Banti - Co-tutelle with Bialystock Technical University*
- Niccolo’ Bruschi
- Co-tutelle with TU Braunschweig – Germany
- Alessandro Bruttini
- Co-tutelle with RUHR-Universität Bochum – Germany*
- Neyu Chen
- Visiting PhD Student from Tongji University, China
- Irene Cortesi - Co-tutelle with University of the Aegean - Greece*
- Diego Ignesti - Co-tutelle with Technical University of Munich – Germany*

(10min question time)

- Daman Mohsen - Co-Tutelle to be defined
- Zihan Liu
- Co-tutelle with Cork University - Ireland*
- Isabella Mazzatura - Co-tutelle with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya*
- Gerardo Arcangelo Pacillo - Co-tutelle with TU Braunschweig – Germany*
- Tommaso Sorbi
- Co-tutelle with Teesside University – UK*

(10min question time)


17:15 End of the meeting


*to be defined


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