Executive Board

executive board


The Academic board determined to elect an internal council to support the Coordinator and the board itself on the occasion of the Board of 10/06/2019.

The Board has delegated the following activities to the council: agree with the doctoral student on the topic of the thesis, confirm the tutor, confirm the methods of annual verification, the authorization for carrying out periods abroad lasting more than six months, confirm the participation of PhD students in annual research projects, the authorization to carry out extra doctoral activities, designate the members of the examining commissions and deliberate on admission to the PhD in excess and by scrolling the ranking.

The council can also have an investigative and preparatory function to the subsequent discussion in the Board for the following subjects: proposing the internal regulations of the course to the departments, the annual activation of the PhD, the stipulation of conventions and co-tutorship agreements with other universities as well as defining the admission to the course.

The Board has excluded the following subjects related to the career of doctoral students from the tasks of the council, such as the reports on research activities presented and admission to the next year of the course or admission to the final exam for graduation.

The members of the council are:

-The coordinator Claudio Borri - ICAR / 08

- Massimo Losa - ICAR / 04

- Roberto Paroni - ICAR / 08

- Walter Salvatore - ICAR / 09

- Luca Solari - ICAR / 01

- Grazia Tucci - ICAR / 06


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