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International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Environment, resources and security



The general objective is the third (graduate) level education of researchers and experts in the areas of environmental security concerning the land use, the infrastructures, the natural resources.

Specific fields

  • Interactions between climate dynamics and the eco-hydrologic cycle.
  • Infrastructures and bio-chemical processes for water treatment.
  • Environmental biotechnology.
  • Land and infrastrucures resilience.
  • Risk analysis and control (sesimic, flood, landslides,..)
  • Land planning and design.
  • Strategic planning for the sustainability of urban development.
  • Soild waste management.
  • Security and remediation of contaminated sites.
  • Safety control in transport infrastructures.
  • Soil-structures interactions.
  • Tools for the safety improvement of transport infrastructures.
  • ITS systems.
  • Human factor in road design.
  • Land survey and analysis with novel geomatics technologies, including geophysical prospecting, digital photogrammetry, geo-statistics, geographic information systems and services.
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