Construction design, verification and control




The general objective is the third (graduate) level education of researchers and experts in the various areas of the structural, infrastructural and geotechnical design, building design, building industry and processes.

Specific fields

  • Anthropogenic and environmental factors and their interaction with buildings and structures.
  • Design and verification of buildings subject to anthropogenic and environmental actions, with particular reference to extreme environmental factors (wind, earthquake).
  • Underground buildings, walls, tunnels, levees, earth constructions.
  • Large structural and infrastructural projects for the energy production from natural sources (on-shore and off-shore wind farming, solar, sea waves).
  • Development and experimentation of mechanical and numerical models for the structures subject to extreme environmental actions.
  • Risk in the building process: analysis and optimization of the design, production an construction phases (from use security to yard safety).
  • Methods and techniques in the process and product analysis for the design and production of components of complex building systems.
  • Monitoring of structures for the damage identification, mapping, quantification and control.
  • Development of innovative structural products and solutions, with particular reference to the seismic protection of new and existing buildings.
  • Survey, representation, historic analysis and design for the preservation and recovery of the building heritage.
  • Analysis of static and seismic vulnerability of buildings with respect to environmental actions (sesimic, wind, geotechnical).
  • Consolidation nad seisimic protection of historical buildings and monuments.
  • Methods and techniques for energy-sustainable building.
  • Structural analysis of road pavements.
  • Funcionality of road infrastructures.
  • Kinematic and dynamic modeling of infrastructural components.

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