Solid, fluid and materials mechanics




The general objective is the third (graduate) level education of researchers and experts in the various areas of the mechanics of solid bodies, fluids and materials and of the wider computational mechanics. Applications include the building processes, flexible electronics, transport and aeronautics industry, geotechnical, hydraulics, energy and biomedical engineering.


Specific fields

Study and characterization of thermo-mechanical properties of various kinds of materials: elastic, ipoelastic, elastoplastic, ipoplastic, viscous, traction non-resistant, granular, fiber-reinforced.

  • Study and characterization of thermo-mechanical properties of composite, polymeric and nano-structured materials.
  • Growth and functionalization of nanotubes, nanofibers and graphene.
  • Mechanics of fragile and ductile fractures; contact mechanics; stability of equilibrium.
  • Deformation, conduction and coupled flow processes in porous media.
  • Biochemical processes in water treatment.
  • Formation and propagation processes in surface and sub-surface water flows.
  • Hydraulic modeling for the real-time flood forecasting.
  • Biological fluid mechanics.
  • Pressure flow pipe systems and malfunctioning localization methods.
  • Development of numerical and multi-scale methods for the solution of equilibrium and evolution problems in the thermo-mechanics on continuous media.

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