Automated Driving

A workshop by Steven E. Shladover - May 22nd 8.30-11.00 Santa Marta

Automated Driving, history, technology and prospects, by Steven E. Shladover

Wednesday May 22nd 8.30-11.00 Santa Marta


Automated driving is at its mediatic hype and is becoming the most debated and researched topic. However not many people know that road vehicles can be automated since the 1975 (and are so in ports, factories and many other industrial environments) and have been demonstrated on highway since 1996 when the California Path programme was created.

Steven Shladover has contributed to create and directed the Path programme and is the most experienced person in the field in the entire world.

He will spend 3 hours with the Engineering students at the University of Florence to explain the grounds for automating vehicles, address the technology state-of-the-art and future prospects and the explain which expectations are reasonable and which are not.


Attendance is welcome but please do send a registration e-mail to so that a classroom with the appropriate capacity can be asked for. The classroom will be communicated to those registering.

10 May 2019 (Archiviata)



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