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International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

36° Cycle - I year


Bnati Neri

Neri Banti

An intelligent building from an existing building: integrated development, innovative storage system of energy from renewable sources

Supervisor: Frida Bazzocchi


Niccolo Bruschi 

Niccolo' Bruschi

Innovative Offshore-Wind Floating Platforms: a new Aero-Hydro-Elastic model 

Supervisor: Claudio Borri (University of Florence) and Nils Goseberg (TU Braunschweig)

Partner University: TU Braunschweig

Bruttini Alessandro

Alessandro Bruttini

Data-driven facility management system for complex buildings: enhancing operation & maintenance process with artificial intelligence

Supervisor: Pietro Capone


Cortesi Irene

Irene Cortesi

Artificial intelligence applied to multispectral imagery for fluvial macroplastics detection

Supervisor: Grazia Tucci, Andrea Masiero


Daman Mohsen

 Mohsen Daman

Mechanics of Composites

Supervisor: Roberto Paroni


Liu Zihan

Zihan Liu

Multifunctional maritime structures for the mitigation of waves and the production of blue energy

Supervisors: Lorenzo Cappietti (Florence University) and Gregorio Iglesias (Cork University)

Partner University: Cork University


Mazzatura Isabella

Isabella Mazzatura

Historical classification of masonry arch bridges, collapse mechanisms and safety level

Supervisor: Walter Salvatore, Francesco Morelli, Pere Roca - Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)


Pacillo Gerardo 

 Gerardo Arcangelo Pacillo

Additive Manufacturing of Smart Building components and Smart Structures

Supervisor: Mario Fagone



Tommaso Sorbi

Tommaso Sorbi 

Real-time construction site monitoring for automatic activity planning

Supervisor: Pietro Cpaone



 Chen Neyu

As a visiting student from Tongji University for a.y. 2020/21

Neyu Chen

Machine learning methods for wind-induced effects of long-span bridges

Supervisor: Claudio Borri, Yaojun Ge - Tongji University




last update: 28-Jan-2021
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