36° Cycle - I year

Bnati Neri

Neri Banti

An intelligent building from an existing building: integrated development, innovative storage system of energy from renewable sources

Supervisor: Frida Bazzocchi, Vincenzo Di Naso, Dorota Krawczyk - Bialystok University of Technology, Poland


Niccolo Bruschi 

Niccolo' Bruschi

Innovative Offshore-Wind Floating Platforms: a new Aero-Hydro-Elastic model 

Supervisor: Claudio Borri,  Nils Goseberg - TU Braunschweig


Alessandro Bruttini

Alessandro Bruttini

Data-driven facility management system for complex buildings: enhancing operation & maintenance process with artificial intelligence

Supervisor: Pietro Capone


Cortesi Irene

Irene Cortesi

Artificial intelligence applied to multispectral imagery for fluvial macroplastics detection

Supervisor: Grazia Tucci, Andrea Masiero


Daman Mohsen

 Mohsen Daman

Mechanics of Composites

Supervisor: Roberto Paroni


Diego Ignesti

Diego Ignesti

Application of advanced computational methods based on Isogeometric Analysis for complex structural systems. Definition of an innovative process to simulate, design and 3D print coronary stents adaptable to the single patient (ISOstent 3D)

Supervisors: Enzo Marino (Florence University), Ferdinando Auricchio and Alessandro Reali (Università di Pavia)


Liu Zihan

Zihan Liu

Multifunctional maritime structures for the mitigation of waves and the production of blue energy

Supervisors: Lorenzo Cappietti, Gregorio Iglesias - Cork University



Mazzatura Isabella

Isabella Mazzatura

Historical classification of masonry arch bridges, collapse mechanisms and safety level

Supervisor: Walter Salvatore, Francesco Morelli,
Pere Roca - Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)




Pacillo Gerardo 


Gerardo Arcangelo Pacillo

Additive Manufacturing of Smart Building components and Smart Structures

Supervisor: Mario Fagone, Giovanna Ranocchiai,
Harald Kloft - TU Braunschweig


 Tommaso Sorbi

Tommaso Sorbi 

Real-time construction site monitoring for automatic activity planning

Supervisor: Pietro Capone


 Chen Neyu

As a visiting student from Tongji University for a.y. 2020/21

Neyu Chen

Machine learning methods for wind-induced effects of long-span bridges

Supervisor: Claudio Borri,
Yaojun Ge - Tongji University




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