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International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

35° Cycle - II year


artini cosentino   de leon

Giada Artini

Linkages between flow, morphodynamics and vegetation

Supervisor: Luca Solari, Simona Francalanci
Jochen Aberle - TU Braunschweig



 Antonella Cosentino

A multilevel approach for the assessment of the structural risk and resilience of bridges and viaducts in road networks

Supervisor: Walter Salvatore, Francesco Morelli
Gent University


Gonzalo De León

Multivariate Pavement Acoustic Performance Model
Abstract (pdf)

Supervisor: Massimo Losa
Julien Cesbron - Université de Nantes

 geppetti  lorenzo  mei

 Andrea Geppetti

Static and dynamic liquefaction in tailings dam failure
Abstract (pdf)

Supervisor: Johann Facciorusso, Claudia Madiai
Torsten Wichtmann - Ruhr University Bochum



Emanuele Lorenzo

A hierarchy of models for the seismic assessment of concrete gravity dams
Abstract (pdf)

Supervisor: Anna De Falco, Nicola Zani
TU Braunschweig


Alessandro Mei

Fire resistance of cold-formed thin-walled steel sections
Abstract (pdf)

Supervisor: Paolo Spinelli, Maurizio Orlando, Luca Salvatori
TU Braunschweig



 Pellis Eugenio vienni   

Eugenio Pellis

From Geomatic to Seismic Safety: an integrated design methodology for H-BIM
Abstract (pdf)

Supervisor: Grazia Tucci, Michele Betti
Pierre Grussenmeyer - Université de Strasbourg



Carlo Vienni

Mechanical response of masonry panels subjected to seismic action
Abstract (pdf)

Supervisor: Paolo Spinelli, Maurizio Orlando, Luca Salvatori
TU Braunschweig




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