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International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

FAQs for students



1. What to do before and after a mission?

For information about the missions, we invite you to consult the dedicated section on the DICEA website, where all the forms are present.

Please download pour Guide in Italian for doctoral students in mobility (soon available laso in english).


- It's mandatory in any case to request authorization to the mission before the leaving  through the online procedure at the following link:
- Try to limit the use of private vehicles to the specific conditions provided
- Always deliver the original and signed documentation to the secretariat
- To be sure about the resources available please ask to the secretariat before the authorization

- Request the authorization even if you are not going to ask for the refund, to be sure to be cover by the insurance in any case

- If the mission is abroad fill the forms related to have the increasing of the scholarship and the validity for the period of staying abroad (see question 2)

2. What to do in case of a period abroad?

In this case there are special forms for authorization and confirmation those firstly allows the increasing of 50% of the scholarship for the period abroad. Secondly, the sum of the periods indicated with the confirmation will count for the validity of the total period abroad mandatory for every cicle, for any doctoral students with or without scholarships.

  • Authorization form (rtf - pdf)
  • Confirmation form (rtf - pdf)

These forms must be sent to Margherita Mellini at DICEA.
There isn't a minimum period request so fill it also for short periods, the amount it is calculated daily.
rization can be asked for any period abroad linked to the research, for example the participation to an international conference, even in a place different from the country of the cotutelle agreement. Confirmation should be sent at the end of every month or after the end of the total period.
For a period longer than 6 months, authorization must given by the Academic Board with a resolution of the Council.
For information about the closer Council meeting, please contact Margherita Mellini.

By the 7th of each month the student should send the confirmation form for the previous month to be sure to have the increasing of the Scholarship in the closer salary, otherwise will be paid the following one without losing anything.


3. Insurance

All the users of the Department are invited to join the accident insurance.
This insurance is optional,
although strongly recommended because it covers some cases excluded from INAIL insurance for accidents at work.

Membership can be made paying the 6.50 euro fee on the:
Postal account no. 2535 - University of Florence
Please indicate "Polizza infortuni periodo 01/10/2019-30/09/2020"
(Accident policy for the period 01/10/2019-30/09/2020).

A copy of the paid payment must be delivered to the Doctorate Office (in Piazza San Marco 4).


4. Publishing of the research abstract

There is a template available for the research abstract that all the doctoral students are invited to fill: research abstract template (doc)

All the abstracts will be published in the pages dedicated to the students of the various cycle.


5. Request form for work compatibility

The students enrolled on doctoral courses are required to attend full-time.
In case of simultaneous performance of a work activity, the doctoral student must compulsorily request compatibility to the Academic Board. For information about the closer Council meeting, please contact Margherita Mellini.

  • Request form for work compatibility  (rtf - pdf)

6. Courses abroad and credits recognition

If a student attend a course or a seminar abroad and want to ask for a credit recognition of this training period should present to the Secretariat the certification that should be approved by the Coordinator of the Program.

Four hours of training will count as one credit.

We recall that the Board of Teachers has established that the students should collect at the end of the percourse of 3 years at least 45 credits in training courses and, since the XXXIV cycle, 36 credits in soft and complementary skills with the courses offered by the University of Florence.



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